After Working With Susan, And Through Her Gentle But Firm Support And Holding Me To My Goals, I Have Moved Forward By Leaps And Bounds.

Sep 21, 2016  

There is a wealth of small business marketing information on this site. If more than 20% of your prospects Falk at your rates, you are priced too high. Feed all those forces pulling you forward so you can stand up in front of the world and tell them how you can help them. Mentored an independent professional to uncover her differentiation and core marketing message, identify her ideal client, and develop a pricing and packaging strategy specifically targeted at her high-end clients. Wondering how a marketing coach can help? This is another fear based variation on the number one reason. Take

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And Most Importantly You Would Know How To Package And Price Your Coaching Services So They Were Seen As An Attractive Solution To Your Niches' Most Common Existing Problems.

Sep 15, 2016  

Susan.elped me re-conceive how I presented my service to potential clients. I have studied, taught and practice sales and marketing for more than 25 years, working with hundreds of corporations. Not an easy thing to do.” You can read the full testimonials and many more here . Jay’s gift for understanding marketing principles and caring about people is evident.

Incorporating customer reviews of your products can help you become more profitable. Your potential customers will enjoy reading the experiences of others and getting a first hand point of view regarding your products. This is a great.... Read more